Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eating Out Vegan- Great Wraps

 I hope to make this a series to show it's not so difficult to be vegan in a world of seemingly unvegan restaurant establishments.

Maybe Great Wraps is somewhat obscure to begin with, but Great Wraps is a restaurant pretty much only found in malls, and malls are mass consumerism hubs that don't normally scream "vegan options!" as far as food goes. (Cheap synthetic shoes, on the other hand...vegan options aplenty!) And since many of you might be spending more time than you'd like in malls this time of year, I decided to begin with Great Wraps. Here's where you can find them.

And here's the malleria where the Alabama one is located. (On a weeknight in November, so not as insane as it probably is right this second.)

There are three vegan wraps, veggie, hummus, and falafel. I love this place because they have some really amazing falafel for a mall chain place, and the falafel wrap is always what I get. 

They deep fry it when you order so it always takes a few extra minutes. You get to choose from several types of tortillas, spinach, tomato, wheat or white and the toppings are unique too.

There are your average subway-ey toppings, but look there on the bottom left! Roasted red peppers! (Whatwhat!) and a little to the right...sprouts! and cilantro too! And then they press the folded wrap in one of those hot press thingies that holds it together and makes a crunchy impression on the outside.

Seriously, falafel, hummus, and roasted red pepper. That's a pretty freakin awesome meal to have while sitting in front of Forever 21 and listening to screaming children and teenage gabbers. 

And if that wasn't enough, they have curly fries!

There is nutritional info on their site and the falafel wrap info is pretty impressive. It has more fiber (14g!) and more iron (70% DV) than any other wrap! It's one of the lower calorie warps (580), the lowest in fat and packs 26 grams of protein. And like everything vegan, zero cholesterol. I'm not one to worry about these things, since I know a varied vegan diet provides plenty of nutrients, but if you're stuck at the mall with someone who might question your food choices, there's some more info for you to share. Source.

mall zombies! (I have resisted the urge to put a Dawn of the Dead clip here. You're welcome?)

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